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Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound
  • Size
  • Grooming Needs
  • Exercise Needs
  • Good With dogs
  • Watchdog ability

Breed Group : Hound
Weight : Male : 60; Female: 50 Lbs
Height : Male : 27; Female: 25 Inches
Color(s) : All Colors Permissible Except Spotted


The Afghan Hound Has Grown In Popularity And Makes A Wonderful Companion. Aloof, Elegant And Devoted, This Breed Is Also Very Loyal But Can Be Reserved Around Strangers. Socialization Is A Must For This Breed.


Gay, Beautiful And Intelligent, This Breed Is Very Often Seen In The Show Ring. The Afghan Hound Is Very Dignified But Can Be Disobedient If Not Trained Properly. Given The Right Home And Family, This Breed Will Become The Light Of Your Life.


A Very Sweet, Loyal And Affectionate Breed, The Afghan Hound Is Also Very Sensitive And Should Be Treated As Such. A Very Noble And Courageous Breed. They Do Well With Older Children And Can Do Exceptionally Well With Other Animals Providing They Are Socialized Around Them.


The Afghan's Coat Requires Quite A Bit Of Attention. Baths Are Necessary Once A Week To Keep The Coat From Matting. Brushing The Coat Of This Breed Can Make It More Easily Matted And Can Cause Problems. Special Grooming Tools Are Required For This Breed.


The Afghan Hound Has A Thick And Silky Coat With A Very Fine Texture To It On The Ribs, The Legs, And Hindquarters. There Are Many Requirements For The Coat, One Being That It Should Never Be Trimmed, And Should Remain Natural. The Hair On The Ears And Feet Are Feathered.


Being That The Afghan Hound Is Sensitive, This Breed Must Be Trained Gently, Yet Consistently. If Not Given The Proper Training And Socialization, This Breed Can Become Destructive And Disobedience. Obedience Classes Are Recommended.


The Afghan Hound Should Always Have A Safe And Fenced Area To Run. This Breed Should Also Have Regular Walks Daily. Fresh Water Should Always Be Available As This Breed Has A Long Coat, Which Can Cause Him To Become Hot. Thirty Minutes Of Running Per Day Is Recommended.


If You Are Looking For Afghan Hound Puppies For Sale From Reputable Afghan Hound Breeders Or To Adopt Afghan Hounds From An Afghan Hound Rescue Then Make Sure You Understand As Much About The Dog Breeds You Are Interested In As You Can. Every Puppy Breed Is Different. Begin Your Research By Reading The Breed Information About The Afghan Hound Puppy Above. Search Our Dog Breeds Section To Find Afghan Hound Puppies That Make Great Pets.